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RBTools 0.6.2 is released

This evening’s release of RBTools 0.6.2 fixes several bugs throughout rbt post and rbt patch. Mercurial users will find that rbt patch now behaves as expected especially for Git diffs. No need to manually fetch and patch by hand anymore. We’ve fixed some breakages that users hit with error messages coming from Review Board under certain conditions, and some compatibility […]

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RBTools 0.6.1 is released

We have just released RBTools 0.6.1. This release improves upon April’s release of RBTools 0.6, fixing numerous bugs that have been reported to us over the past two months. These fixes cover compatibility issues with different types of repositories, misleading or useless error messages, crashes in certain edge cases, and issues running on different operating […]

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RBTools 0.6 is released

RBTools 0.6 has just been released, and it’s a big one. We spent a lot of time simplifying the process for posting and updating review requests, and we think it’s going to make life a lot easier for just about everyone. Posting using Git or Mercurial used to require dealing with –parent and –revision-range, along with our custom […]

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RBTools 0.5.5 is released

We just put out a release of RBTools 0.5.5. This fixes a handful of problems reported to us for rbt patch, Subversion, and Git. rbt patch, one of our new tools introduced in 0.5.3, has had several bug fixes for applying commits to Git, and for properly handling Unicode characters in commit messages. We fixed […]

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RBTools 0.5.3 is released

We have a great RBTools release for you today, with some new features and a whole lot of bug fixes. rbt post has a new -u option that attempts to update an existing review request, instead of posting a new one. Previously, you would have to pass -r <review_request_id>. Now, when using -u, RBTools will […]

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